Wessel-Werk 360 attachment kit

Wessel Werk power brush

The Premium Attachment Set is our best selling powered central vacuum tool kit for home use. A custom solution picked 
by our vacuum experts, matched for quality and performance – the kit includes  individual tools, accessories and storage components that 
will not only increase your central vacuum’s cleaning performance but will also add to the pleasure of cleaning with a central system. The 
kit is available in two hose styles, Direct Connect and Universal corded connect for compatibility with all new and most existing central vac 

What’s Included In The  Premium Kit?
Wessel-Werk Power Brush
30′ (35″ avaiable )Crush Proof Hose
Standard Pigtail Connection Hose End
Telescopic Steel Wand W/PCM & QDC
Natural Fill Floor Brush
Bonus Telescopic Wand
Ultimate Dusting Brush
Upholstery Tool w/Brush Strip
High Airflow  Crevice Tool
Snap On Wand Tool Caddie
Fabric Tool Storage Bag
Extra Large Hose Storage
One Wall Mount Wand Holders

LED Headlight
Wessel-Werk 360 features a high-powered LED headlight.