Central Vacuum repair and service

Central vacuum repair

Fast friendly service with respect for you and your home.: Repairs of most makes and models. Some of our Services include:

Unclogging of central vacuum lines with custom tools to get the job done right the first time.

Central Vacuum motor replacement Circuit board,

Replacement of Central Vacuum units,  old central vacuum can be removed and a new Central Vacuum canister can be hooked up too your old vacuum pipe and the vacuum inlet covers can be changed in about an hour for less for less then some high end uprights vacuums.: Avenue Vacuum can haul away your old canister and have it recycled at no additional charge.

Repair of attachments:

Replacement attachments and hoses

Exhausting piping added Central Vacuum canister To really benefit from your investment in a central vacuum they should be exhausted outside. In most cases a central vacuum can be exhausted in short time for very little money.:

Adding a automatic dust pan aka Vac Pan. Did you know that most home central vacuum systems a Vac Pan can be added on simply without any removal of cabinets or a big mess.A Vac Pan in most cases it can be done in about an hour.:

Standard Central Vac system, change to Hide a Hose ($2,000 and up) New inlet locations, for every two inlets there is one Hide-a-Hose inlet (hoses are light weight easy to handle 30,40,and 50ft long). Installs in one day without removing sheet rock (99% of installs) and a big mess. Avenue Vacuum has the Hide-a-Hose experience and the special tools to get the job done


Serving the Puget Sound area of Washington State.

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